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ECLOF  Universal Credit Organization Limited Liability Company ECLOF  UCO  LLC was established by ECLOF Foundation which is a member of  ECLOF International Global Family (headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland), as well as a member of  MFC  – Microfinance Centre for Central and Eastern Europe and Newly Independent states (headquarters in Warsaw, Poland).

ECLOF UCO LLC was registered and licensed at the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia on October

17thof 2006, License 17.

The residential address of  ECLOF  UCO  LLC is 2/1  Baghramyan str., 1101 Etchmiadzin city, Republic of Armenia.

ECLOF UCO LLC serves microcredit programs in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. ECLOF UCO LLC has 4 representations:

Etchmiadzin representation

Stepanavan representation

Vardenis representation