Fast loan

Customer (activity)

Physical person engaged in agriculturing



Purchase of working and fixed capitals and/or capital reconstruction and/or other repayment






minimum 24 maximum 36month


IInterest rate (calculated due to the scale)


Attention this loan nominal interest rate can be modified by the company. *


Disbursemnet fee
(calculated before the loan disbursement, due to the scale from the loan term)*

min 6% AMD  

Interest repayments



Capital Amount Repayments

1.Monthly annuity payments

2.Individual Repayment Schedule Depending on the customer's specifications


Principal repayments
Possible grace period 6 *

not defined


Minimal amount

300 000 AMD 


Maximal amount

800 000 AMD


Security of Loan Recovery 5*

In case of 300 000 - 500 000 AMD amount 2 physical person/guarantors. In case of 2.500.001 and above 3 physical person/guarantors. And in all cases one  guarantor will be family member:father, mother, wife, child. 

Pledger 3* ----  
Penalties, Fines (Annex 1) prsented in Annex 1  
Other provisions (Annex 2) prsented in Annex 2  
Not financed (Appendix 3) prsented in Annex 3  



1* The purpose of the loan is to replenish working capital and / or repayment of fixed assets and / or capital repairs and / or other liabilities
  2* The loan may be extended for a period exceeding 36 months, repayment of fixed assets and / or capital repairs and / or other liabilities.
  3* 1 person / physical person who is applying for a loan
2 the owner or director of his personality,
3 family member (father, mother, wife, child)
4 physical person client family member (father, mother, wife child)
(the case of the right of joint ownership is also observed)
  4* SME loans are provided as follows:
Branches, Manufacturing, Service, Retail
In the target communities SME developed support
  5* One of guarantors must be the same family member.In case of necessity, it may be required as a variety of additional security, movable property, plus guarantees. Minimum requirements for the guarantor are the loan amount comparable fixed income  (salary business, etc.) and / or liquidity property (vehicle, real estate).
  For all loans where collateral is required, the rate of loan amount and estimated collateral (liquid) ratio can not exceed 50% in urban areas, 30% in rural areas
  6* The repayment term is set for the entire loan term, which can be provided no more than 6 months per annum, without interruptions.
  7* A 21-year-old physical person
  8* The number of parallel and non-collateral loans in the ECLOF can not exceed 2 credits and ≤ 2 000 000 AMD .Represented customers are ECLOF, one or more stages, at least 6 months of repayment.