Customer age,residence and activity RA citizens or RA resident individuals aged 21-65, who are engaged in agriculture 
Loan Purpose

Purchase of fixed and / or working capital and/or capital reconstruction and/or other loan repayment.

The borrower must act on his behalf and for his benefit when receiving the loan. It is forbidden to borrow money for the benefit of a third party.

Loan Currency AMD (Armenian Dram)
Loan Amount 1.000.000-7.000.000 
Application Fee Free
Annual Interest Rate 10%
Interest Calculation Procedure Interest is calculated from the principal balance;
Loan Disbursement Fee 1.5-2%
Loan Term 12-48 months
Grace period

Up to 18 months, 6 months per year (annual maximum)

Individual repayment schedule depending on the customer's specifications.

Loan disbursement method Non-cash
Loan security

In case of 300 000 - 500 000 AMD amount 2 physical person/guarantors. In case of 500.001 and above 3 physical person/guarantors. And in all cases one  guarantor must be family member.

The minimum criteria that external guarantors should correspond to are:

stable salary or business income and/or property (vehicles, real estate) comparable to the loan amount.

Pledge Real estate, vehicle
Loan/pledge proportion 30% of estimated liquidity value
Tranches The tranches are not applicable.
Early Loan Repayment

The borrower is authorized to make early (total or partial) repayment of the loan without paying any penalties and implement obligations according to the Agreement. Moreover,

✔ In case of loan total early repayment, the borrower pays loan service and other fees, interest and loan amount as of the date of payment

✔In case of loan partial early repayment, the principal amount of the loan will be charged.

but if the payment exceeds the amount of subsequent repayment, then the exceeding part is channeled to the loan repayment (with the exception of cases prescribed by the loan contract).

In cases when the payment amount is not enough to cover total amount of subsequent repayment according to borrwer’s repayment schedule, then the repayment is done in the following order

1) Service and other fees 2) Interest 3) Loan

✔ The borrower is authorized to make repayment on his desire for the coming months according to Borrower’s Repayment Schedule. In that case repayment will be done

in the following order 1) service and other fees for subsequent months, 2) interest calculated as of repayment day, 3) interest for subsequent months on loan balance,

4) loan amount for subsequent months. The borrower is exempted to make repayments according to borrower’s repayment schedule for the already repaid months


In case of failure to meet the obligations in the deadlines set out by the borrower's repayment schedule, the borrower shall pay the Lender a penalty

1) In the amount of 0.13% of the unpaid loan amount for each overdue day 2) In the amount of 0.13% of the unpaid interest amount for each overdue

day In case of breaking the deadlines of paying the loan amount (breach), prescribed by the loan contract, set out by the repayment schedule,

the calculation of the loan annual interest rate prescribed by the contract with respect to the overdue part is stopped and from the day

of the breach till the actual repayment day of the overdue part subject to repayment, an interest starts being accrued in the amount of

24 percent (twenty-four percent) annual interest rate. In case of existence of overdue liabilities on loan and interests from the borrower’s side and

insufficiency of paid amounts, liabilities are paid in the following order: first are repaid expenses executed by the Lender for bringing back the obligations,

then service fees, accrued penalties, interests and loan amount.

Required documents

Mandatory required documents:

✔ Passports (ID cards) and social security card of client

✔ Passports (ID cards) and social security card of guarators

✔ Additional documents may be required by CC decision

Maximum period of decision making on loan application The decision for a loan application is made within maximum 1 working day and the loan is actually provided to the borrower maximum in 1 working day.
Necessary factors for the positive decision of loan granting

✓ Availability of potential client’s place of residence in the service area of ECLOF UCO LLC representation network.

✓ Availability of satisfactory credit history: - The absence of classified liabilities (loans, guarantees), except standard ones, at the time of applying for loan.

✓Positive credit history

✓Transparency of activity,

✓Availability of confirmed monthly income,

✓Existence of ownership

✓Pledge and/or guarantee 

Loan rejection factors

✔ Insufficient level of creditworthiness

✔ Bad credit history,

✔ Discrepancy with ECLOF UCO LLC recuirements

✔ Other credit risks


The nominal interest rate for this loan may be changed by ECLOF.It has the right to unilaterally change the interest rate of the loan in case the borrower

breaches the obligations set forth in the agreement, by the manner and cases prescribed by the agreement,

The loan interest rate clause can be subjected to change by "+5" percentage point, but not more than twice as much as the calculated bank interest rate set by the Central Bank of Armenia,

The borrower must be notified about the amendments no later than 7 (seven) working days prior to the entry into force of that amendment,

Your property (house, car, etc.) can be confiscated in the manner prescribed by law, if you do not make interest and loan repayments in time,

If you do not make interest and loan repayments on time, your information will be recorded in the Credit Registry,

In case of default on the collateral, the obligations will be repaid at the expense of your other property if the collateral is insufficient to cover your loan obligations

Loan Registration Place The loan can be registered at any representative office of ECLOF UCO LLC.
Calculation of Annual Actual Percentage Rate

Annual percentage rate formula illustrationwhere:

A credit sum (initial size of credit provided to consumer by creditor). n number of the repayment directed to credit coverage

N number of the last repayment directed to credit coverage Kn amount of the n repayment directed to credit coverage Dn time

span between the day or credit extension and the day of making the n repayment directed to credit coverage, expressed by number

of days i Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which can be calculated if the other data of the formula are known from loan agreement or any other way

Annual Actual Percentage Rate 12%
Contract Loan Review Terms and Conditions Depending on the loan balance
<500,000 - 7,000 AMD
500.001 - 1,000,000 - 10,000 AMD
1,000,000 and more - 15,000 AMD
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