ECLOF UCO LLC is ready to give up imposed penalties on loans

ECLOF UCO LLC is pleased to announce that since August 1, 2018, it has been cooperating with all the individuals who have been in the ECLOF UCO LLC for the repayment of agricultural and consumer loans recognized as unsatisfactory by May 31, for these loans, penalties and fines.

The afore mentioned borrowers should visit the ECLOF UCO LLC representation or headquarters to conclude a reconciliation or retirement agreement under which the credit organization will default on previously accumulated fines and penalties, and the borrower will be required to pay the principal amount of the loan in the manner and timeframe specified in the new agreement.


Open Competition for Independent Auditor's Choice

ECLOF UCO LLC announces 2019 Open competition for the selection of an independent auditing body for external auditing of financial-economic activities and financial statements.

Here is the announcement:

Announcement 2019

Audit 2019

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